Fat Loss Factor diet and fitness program by Doctor Michael Allen is the latest fitness program for all those people who want to lose weight and get rid of the extra fat on their bodies.

So let’s see what this Fat Loss Factor program really is and how can it help you lose weight? I’ll try my best to guide you about this program so that after you finish reading this article you could decide that whether this program could work for you or not.

What is Fat Loss Factor?

As its name suggests, Fat Loss Factor is a program created to help people cut off excessive fat they have on their bodies. Created by Doctor Charles Michael Allen, a certified advanced nutritionist, certified wellness practitioner and a board-certified chiropractic physician, Fat Loss Factor program has been designed for a time span of 12 weeks which also includes a number of guides on nutritious diets and self-motivation.For those who don’t know, Dr. Charles Michael Allen is a doctor, fat loss expert, a certified nutritionist, and an author. He is also a well-known personal trainer and a chiropractor.

Coming back to the Fat Loss Factor program, the very first thing that this program does is the cleansing of the toxins in the body, as it follows a very balanced and healthy diet plan. This program demands you to follow diets that could bring terrific changes in your body within a few days. They include metabolism boosters, like complex carbohydrate fibres and proteins.

What Do I Get In My Fat Loss Factor Program?

Want to know what will you get with Fat Loss Factor Program? Following is the list of main goodies that you will get if you buy this program:

  •  The main Fat Loss Factor e-book
  •  Detailed workout plans
  •  Exercise log
  •  Master cleanse videos
  •  Short 15 minute workouts
  •  FooJoo software
  •  Grocery shopping list
  •  Goal setting guide
  •  Fat Loss Factor measurement forms
  •  Recipes e-book

Before we read more about this program, let me give you the demo of the help and guidance you could get by the help of this program. Let’s see an important key shared in this program.

7 Ways to avoid Emotional Eating, Food Binges and Eating Late in the Day:

  1. Mind over matter: How stress makes us fat and what remedies you need to know to cop with it
  2. The portion patrol: How to avoid over eating while having a meal
  3. Better than pasta: 3 simple dishes that will satisfy the urges for carb
  4. The spouse factor: 3 ways to overcome a non-supportive wife or husband
  5. Night munchers beware: 5 tricks to keep yourself from late night eating
  6. You are what you eat: 7 food items that we love are unknowingly making us FAT.
  7. Desk job jitters: easy tips to control over-snacking

Now best way to know how good a program could be is to find out its pros and cons, let’s discuss what the program Fat Loss Factor has got in store for our advantage and what’s not.

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Fat Loss Factor pros

Customizable – Fat Loss Program is easy to customize, you don’t get to worry about your needs. It could be changed to suit your individual requirements. After first two weeks when you are done with the elimination of all the toxins from your body, it gives you a rigorous diet plan with some heavy workouts. Basically, the program has been developed to suit the needs of likely the three stages of the weight loss program i.e. advanced, intermediate and beginners. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about what stage you fall in, you could use it at any stage.

Money back guarantee -One of the biggest reasons why you can opt for this program is its promise for the refund. This shows the faith of Dr. Michael Allen in his program as he is offering a 60 days money back guarantee to give all the users liberty of giving this product a try without worrying about the money they paid for it. You can get a full refund if you do not find it right for you.

Access to lifetime updates -People who buy Fat Loss Factor Program receive lifetime updates for free. This means that you will be provided with free of cost most updated information for the rest of your life which will surely allow you to remain fit throughout your life.

Personal coaching -Personal Coaching is probably the coolest thing this Program is offering. On purchasing the Fat Loss Factor program, you’ll receive complete one year personal email coaching directly from Doctor Michael Allen. Isn’t that cool?

A few additional guiding materials -There are number of key pieces to the Fat Loss Factor diet and exercise program. They are:

  • The master cleanse video, which will help you in starting out the practice of following the program.
  • The Fat Loss Factor blueprint and starter guide.
  • The program book.

Exercise log – This works like a scale to help you keep a track of your progress, and enables you to see how far you are from getting your desired body. The motivation it gives you, works really well for you while practicing the program.

Workout videos and guide – both help illustrate the various exercises that you will do while on the Fat Loss Factor diet.

Grocery shopping guide –This is to let you know what food items you should have in your kitchen or fridge that can help you lose weight more easily. This guide is perfect for you to know what you need to buy when you are in the grocery store.

Monitoring and goal setting guide –For those who are lazy and are afraid that they might get off of this fitness journey could count on this guide, as it helps brilliantly.

Easy to follow program -Another pivotal aspect of this program is that it is very easy to follow. Doctor Michael Allen didn’t go too far with the design of this program and he kept it very simple, so that its users won’t have to change their daily routines to achieve fast results.
We have had discussed pros of this product, let’s now see what are the cons.

Fat Loss Factor cons

The initial detoxification period of two weeks is very difficult to go through. Some of the people might find it very tiresome and out of their comfort zone.

Additional Investment -The Program needs its followers to follow a strict healthy diet and this may make them to spend a little extra on these food items.

Demands commitment –Even though the program is easy to follow and the additional guides and email coaching helps you to abide by its rules, still it needs your commitment. You will have to make your mind ready for the changes in your diet plan and regular workout that you might have not done before in your life.

Fat Loss Factor review – Final verdict

To be honest, I feel that Fat Loss Factor program is a must try for all the people who are keen to lose their weight and are struggling with it. It doesn’t offer you anything that could cut off your weight overnight, which would be a horrible experience anyway. Instead, it includes three most important and beneficial keys of fat loss i.e. cardio training, strength training and nutrition in a highly impressive manner.

Hope you found my detailed Fat Loss Factor review helpful.

Fat Loss Factor Review